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The very first mentioning of rugby dates back to the Roman Empire when they invented the game “harpastum”. Though this game was different from the rugby we know today, it is considered to be the first form of this sport. The first ball for this sport was pumped with air so the resemblance is actual and the concept was taken from the ancient time and it is still implemented.

The first rugby match, in the modern history, was held in 1845 while it was still under the title of Rugby Football Union. Some hundred years later, it happened the formation of two associations: World Rugby and Rugby League International Federation. At the beginning of the 20th century, another form of rugby was worn: American Football, better known today as National Football League (NFL).


Rugby is also the first professional sport’s discipline where the players received the payment for their performance. The players, since they had to be off-work to play and participate in matches, received the compensation for the absence from work. Once the sport became officially known and accepted, the regular payments were issued to players and all the teams started with the professional players who were paid for their performance.