Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Australia decided to start their rugby club and compete in the league. The first team was formed in 1908 and it is the fourth oldest rugby team besides England, New Zealand and Wales.

The Kangaroos dominated in the early years of this sport, but later some other teams managed to beat them. Still, this team is one of the best as they have the overall winning percentage of 67%.


The first team was representing Wales, Scotland and Ireland and it was formed in 1904. This lasted until the 1950s when the team split and Wales, Scotland and Ireland had separate teams for the competition.


New Zealand

One of the most prominent teams in the league which was formed in 1907. The Kiwis were initially formed only by the domestic players from this country, while the situation is a bit different now. They had won the World Cup in 2008 for the first time.


The popular Bravehearts are one of the best rugby teams at the moment and they are recognized for their dark blue/white jerseys and it is one of the rare teams that did not change the uniform since the forming.