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Ron Johansson, the coach

Ron is the former rugby player who had played more than 120 matches in his career. He is the main coach on the academy and he is in charge for all new members who arrive. Ron runs the weekend physical sessions and makes sure that all players receive the equal chances for performances and games.

Donovan Johnson, the team coordinator

Donovan is the experience rugby scout and he is the one that spots the young talents and offers them a place in the team. Since the academy works with different ages, he must ensure that the players are transferred in to the right group, based on their age, but also on the performance.


Robert Scholes, the CEO

Robert is the CEO and main-in-charge who takes all the responsibility for the club. He organizes also the parties for players, awards the good performances and makes sure that everything is fine within the club. He has been the CEO for more than 15 years and he is loved by the players, as well as the fans and supporters.

Anna Atkinson, the online agent

Anna runs this website, deals with press and media and organizes all the events and announcements. She is experienced web designer and has lot of experience with communication and media issues, so she is our online master!