Club Info Life Member

Our lifetime members of academy have earned their reputation and they ensured their access for as long as the tram exists! Below are presented our lifetime club members who have contributed to our academy in many ways. Some of them had been a part of this academy while studying, while some of them stayed to work here and contributed to the club’s success.

Anthony Mundine

Anthony is the highest paid player in the National Rugby League of all time and has been of the most prolific players in the history if this sport. He later became a professional boxer. His work and contribution to our academy was immense and our staff decided to offer him the lifetime membership.


Wilco Lewis

Wilco played for the national team of England and once he retire, he decided to devote his retirement to helping our academy. His work contributed to our success as he shared a lot of useful suggestions and pieces of advice.

Eric Ponga

EPonga worked as out senior recruiter/scout and managed to find more than 100 talented players who started at our academy and later moved on further. He is one of the people who suggested the expansion of the academy, which turned out to be a great move.