All About Havant RFC Academy

Our club is one of those places that welcome all enthusiasts of rugby sport, regardless of age! We have a rich history and one of the best recruitment staff that allows young and talented players to show their skills and performance. Also, the academy offers various age groups to participate in our training and preparing for this sport. This article will explain some of the core things that make us distinguishable and known among many other academies. Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

The wide range of teams

At the moment, we have five teams. The first team is reserved for the older players who are older than 25 years and we accept all members, whether they have significant experience in this sport or they do not have any experience. The key thing is that members have an interest in rugby and possess some basic knowledge of sport.

The wide range of teams

The second team is reserved for players who have played this sport and have advanced skills as well as knowledge. The initial selection will involve the demo game where players who want to enroll will have to present what they know. The third team is made for all who are younger than 19 years old. There, the members will learn about the basics as well as about some advanced tactics and strategies in this sport. The goal is to prepare them for the upcoming challenges and matches.

RFC Academy

The fourth team is reserved for experienced players who are near the end of career and want to spend the final time in a relaxed atmosphere while playing the favorite sport. Unlike the previous teams, this one is actually reserved for the players who had played this sport and have extensive knowledge and experience in this sport. The fifth team is for all who want to learn about rugby and start playing. If you are the newcomer, we recommend you signing into this team just to pick up some basic things.

The professional training crew

Each member of our crew is either the retired rugby player, or the experienced rugby professional who has been into this sport for more than 20 years. We wanted to ensure that we provide the professional staff who will work with players and talented players in order to boost their qualities and improve their skills.

Each member is the certified rugby professional and is in charge of each role within the club.

The summer camps

Each summer, our academy organizes the summer camps in London, Birmingham and Leeds. All rugby enthusiasts are welcome to participate in these camps and we encourage them to enroll and participate. All members will receive the appropriate introduction and we will explain them how we work, as well as our summer camps. Each camp will have the best three players who will have free membership at our academy. If you think you can be one these, hurry up and get your place in our next summer camp!